Internet Education



Internet is everywhere. Smartphones are new televisions, everybody has one, and now they all have internet connectivity. We have millions of apps and services we use on our phones. Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many more apps consume almost 80% of our internet time.

In this world of social networking apps and websites we are starting to neglect the need of internet education which is very important for a person who is using a computer for the first time or has a smartphone. India is becoming the next target for google, apple and everybody. They are increasing their efforts to penetrate our economy. I don’t blame them or I am not against apple setting up stores here or google setting up another data research centre here. It will definitely boost our economy.

Why internet education?

Internet is very powerful. Internet is the single most important thing, the neutrality of which, needs to be protected in this world. In the world of biased media and corrupt governments internet is the only source of honest and true information. But the situation in india right now is that everybody is getting a smartphone with 4G or 3G. People who never owned computer their whole life now own a smartphone. Their smartphone is the only way they connect to the internet and it is flooded with Facebook, youtube and twitter. If you ask an average guy in india “Why are you getting an internet pack?” the answer would be because I want to WhatsApp or I want to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Now imagine a person whose only interaction with internet is through his smartphone and all he does is Facebook or Twitter.

Companies like Jio or Airtel are always going to push their media services so that we consume more and more movies, songs and tv shows. Because that is the only way right now they are going to earn more revenue from us apart from what they get through subscriptions. And once you get hooked to the service it creates a loop and you get stuck mentally. It forms an habit.

Effects of lack of Internet Education

Now imagine millions of people with a smartphone and all they do with it is Facebook or Instagram. What effect will it have on our society? How is digital india going to liberate our society and culture. I think this is the new age slavery. We will be slaves of our own habits which are planted into us by these companies.


I think Internet Education is very important in India because our society is just getting exposed to internet in such a broad way. Earlier it was limited to very few pockets of our population. Now even your mum is using internet and also your maid is using it. Your 7 year old brother or sister is using it. Your friend in a village and his parents are using it.

I think it is very important at this stage we make efforts before it is very late.