First Blood

This is my first post here. It took me 26 days to actually start writing this post. I was ignoring it since these many days for some or other reason. The reason I am writing this today is my friend and this book I am reading. First, lets talk about the way my friend motivated me to get going. I was reading a book and my phone bussed with a notification from twitter. My friend had tweeted about his post in a blog he is writing since 2012. I clicked on the link and saw this awesome blog he had created. I was justing wasting my time from these many days in place doing so many useful things with my time. I got my motivation and here I am writing this post today.

Second is the book I started reading yesterday. It is “The Power Of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. The book explains about how our habits govern our decisions (even the major ones) and how our mind makes and works with a habit. It also explains how we can actually change our habits. I have read many books but never a book has had such effect on me. Normally I spend my day watching TV or YouTube videos (I am a big Procrastination Champion) but I haven’t watched even a single video since yesterday (Trust me it is a big thing for me) and I am actually doing something useful today.

I am in a very weird state right now. My Company Secretary result is going to declared tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. I am nervous at the same time my mind is trying to not care about it. But tomorrow is definitely a very important day for me. It will bring big changes to my life.